Durability for L8H

No one can do everything - but if everyone does something, we can create a better world! We try to have a sustainable way of thinking with us in all our work processes and routines.

We want to inspire all our customers how easy, fun and important it is to work environmentally friendly!

We reuse old order forms as note paper. When customers come in and want to change the color of their wire bracelets, we use the old bands to make price tags. And there are many, many more examples to be told.

Our green shop

Did you know that our entire store is made up of only used stuff?

Not a single piece of furniture has been bought new. We have had kitchen drawers donated, bought furniture second-hand and picked up things at the tip!

When Lotta sat on her bicycle after a meeting at Café Vattenverket in the summer of 2023, she cycled past the Lidingö landfill. There she met a lady who was about to throw away a relief table and cupboard from the 20th century. Lotta asked if she could possibly get the furniture instead of it being thrown away. Today, the old wooden furniture doesn't look like it did when she got it. Lotta gave the furniture a new life and painted it in camouflage.