Size doll

How do I find out my ring size?

Ring size can be measured both in circumference and in diameter. We at L8Hasselblad use diameter.

The easiest way is to measure an existing ring that you have at home and that fits well. Measure the inside diameter of the ring where it is widest, using a caliper, tape measure or ruler. Round up to the ring size that fits based on our sizes.

There is also an app called "ring sizer" where you can place an existing ring you may have at home on the mobile screen and measure the diameter.

Of course, it also works well to go into a jewelry store and find out your ring size there. If you do not come to us to find out your size, it is important that you ask for the diameter measurement, as that is what we use.

What length of necklace suits me?

Our necklaces & chains vary in length from 36 cm up to 80 cm.

What you can do to find out which length suits you best is to take a string you find at home and put it around your neck. Then you adjust it until you think it fits nicely. Then you measure the length of the string and choose one of our lengths that most closely matches the result you got.

Also keep in mind that the experience of a necklace's length varies depending on the wearer of the chain. The circumference around your neck and how strong the chain is affects the fit.

Of course, it is also fine to come to our store or another jewelry store to test different lengths.


When you order bracelets from us, we need to know the circumference around the wrist that will wear the bracelet.

How do I measure my wrist circumference?
If you have a tape measure, just put it around your wrist and measure the circumference in centimeters. If, however, you do not have a measuring tape, you can use, for example, a thread. Take the thread around the wrist & mark with a pencil where the threads meet. Then measure with a ruler how many centimeters there are between the beginning of the thread and the marking.

If you do not have the opportunity to measure the wrist that will wear the bracelet, you are welcome to describe the person in the comments field under the product. A good description is, for example, "A lady in her 50s, quite slim".

It is better to order a bracelet that is too big than one that is too small, as Lotta can always shorten a bracelet but not lengthen it.