Tips & Tricks

Soon there will be some tips & tricks on, for example, how you as a customer can take care of/fix your jewelry!

How do I measure my size?

How do I measure my ring size?

Option 1:

1. Take a ring you have at home that fits well on your desired finger.

2. Use a caliper, measuring tape or ruler and measure the diameter of the ring in the inside measurement, where the ring is at its widest.

3. Round up to the ring size that fits based on our size options.

Here is a video on how to measure your size!

Option 2:

1. Download the "Ring Sizer" app.

2. Put your ring you have at home that fits your desired finger on the mobile screen. Measure the diameter of the ring.

Option 3:

Welcome to the L8Hasselblad store to measure your ring size! If you don't live near our store, you can of course go to another jewelry store. Since we measure all ring sizes in diameter, it is important that you ask for the inside diameter measurement.

How do I measure my bracelet size?

Other tips & tricks

My earring won't close?

Silver & gold double is a softer material than steel and can therefore sometimes move. Many times you can think that your earring is broken because it doesn't close, but usually that's not the case!

The pin for the earring can sometimes be pushed up or down and then the earring does not close properly. What you need to do then is push the stick up or down until you hear it click. Feel free to also feel that the earring is properly closed.

Always double check when you put the earring on that it is closed and listen for the click!

Here you can see a video how to close your earring!

If the earring still cannot be closed, please contact us at where you write that you have seen the video and tried but that unfortunately it did not help.

How do I make my jewelry shine as bright as when I bought it?