Return within Sweden

Do you regret your purchase and want to return your jewelry? From the time you receive your order, we offer a 14-day right of return.*

Returns can be made for a return cost of SEK 100 . The return cost covers the shipping, handling and administrative costs of the return. We always have free returns in store.

If you do not collect your package from an agent and the package is sent back to us, we charge a fee of SEK 150 . This is for shipping, handling and administrative costs.

*NOTE ! The right of return does NOT apply to custom-made jewelry *. Read more here (hyperlink to "custom-made jewelry".


Make a return within Sweden:

How do I make a return?

Apply to make your return here (hyperlink to returbo?). Your return slip will then be sent to your email.

  1. Print your return slip.
  2. Make sure everything that was in the package when you received it is in the package when you send it back. This is because the package must reach a certain weight to reduce the risk of it being lost. If we don't get your package back, we won't pay out your money.
  3. Seal the package and attach to the return label.
  4. Drop off your parcel at the nearest PostNord agent.

Click here to start your return: Request return

When will I get my money back?

The refund of your return takes place within 30 days from when we received your return and it has undergone a quality check. Since we charge SEK 100 for returns, SEK 100 is deducted from your refund.

Return outside Sweden

Do you regret your purchase and want to return your jewelry? From the time you receive your order, we offer a 7-day right of return outside Sweden.

To carry out a return outside Sweden, contact smycken@l8hasselblad and name the title "Return from abroad".



Can I advertise my jewellery?

Do we deliver a piece of jewelry with extensive flaws or has it broken despite normal use? Then you have the right to advertise the jewelry!

According to the Consumer Purchase Act, you as a customer of course have the right to advertise a piece of jewelery that you received in an unusable condition.


  • Complaint: Did you receive your necklace with a non-working clasp? Then of course you should get a new one!
  • Non-complaint: Have you gotten stuck with your necklace and torn yourself free? Then we cannot accept the complaint.

How do I advertise my jewellery?

Apply for your complaint here: Request a complaint

How do I send a complaint back to you?

When we have approved your complaint, you will receive an email from us containing a free return slip.

  1. Package your complaint
  2. Attach the return slip
  3. Hand the package in at the nearest Postnord agent.

When will I receive my refund?

When we have received your advertised piece of jewelry, we will return your money within 30 days.


Have you ordered a piece of jewelry and want to change to another, change the length of a chain or the size of a ring?

Then you have the opportunity to make an exchange for a cost of SEK 100 . This cost covers the return to us, handling costs and the new shipping back to you.

Note! In your exchange, there may be a difference in price between the pieces of jewelry. We will contact you if this applies to your exchange.

Make an exchange here (hyperlink).


Did you not get an answer to your question regarding returns, exchanges or complaints? Contact us here:


Note! We are a small company and work as fast as we can to help you. In order for you to get a faster response - wait for our response on the channel you originally subscribed to before contacting us elsewhere. We try to answer your request within 1-3 working days.