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Bracelet - Medium/Mini Skulls & Genuine Diamonds

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The bracelet itself is made of sterling silver 925, but the skulls can be chosen between silver, brass or 18K gold.

Then you can choose whether you want black or white diamonds for eyes. The diamonds are genuine and on the narrow bracelet it is 0.03 carats together on the skulls and on the middle bracelet it is 0.21 carats together.

These bracelets cannot be returned!

Write the circumference around the wrist that will wear the bracelet. If you don't know the circumference, you can describe the person, for example "tall thin guy".

Want a bracelet like this without diamonds? Search for item numbers 9022 and 9023!

Article number: 9003

Material on the skulls

Expected delivery time

This product has a LONGER expected delivery time.

Fast - Fast delivery time means it can take up to 7 days before we ship your order.

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How do you take care of me?

I am made of sterling silver and can therefore withstand water, sweat and basically everything else. If I get a little dirty or dark, just use a cleaning cloth and I'll be nice again.

Return possibilities

These bracelets cannot be returned.

More information regarding returns and complaints can be found here: Returns & complaints

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