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The world's most beautiful with Venus

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These earrings are made of sterling silver 925 and double gold (18K on brass).

The earrings are sold individually, so if you want a pair, you can add two to the cart!!

There are three sizes of the Venus sign: mini, medium & large.

My "world's most beautiful" earrings really are the world's most beautiful as they are light and you can do almost anything with them, such as sleep & exercise.

I do not recommend wearing several "world's most beautiful" earrings on the same ear as they can get tangled up.

A nice gift box is included with purchase.

Article number: 8097


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How do you take care of me?

If you buy me in silver, you can do basically anything with me. I can withstand both water and sweat.

If you buy me in gold double you better not dip me in water or sweat me as I am made of brass with a thick layer of 18 carat gold on me. What can happen is that the gold layer wears off over time, but I don't dye myself ;)

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Customer Reviews

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Ester Ceder
Mycket bra!

Leveransen tog lite mer än en vecka men sjukt gulligt paket, fick med en liten godis, och jättefint örhänge som jag använder varje dag!

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