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Classic silver bracelets

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These bracelets are made of sterling silver 925.

The bracelets can be bought with or without stamps. There are three different thicknesses, narrow, medium, wide.

Narrow: approx. 4-4.5 mm wide
Between: 6.5-7 mm wide
Wide: 10.5-11 mm wide

1. Choose the width of the bracelet.

2. Choose whether you want with or without stamps. If you want to stamp something, you get to choose how many stamps you want. If you want it to say, for example, "Alexander", choose 6-10 stamps.

3. Choose whether the stamps should be on the inside or outside of the bracelet.

4. Then write your circumference on your wrist or describe yourself or the person who will wear the bracelet. Eg "tall thin man".

5. Write what you want to be written on the bracelet. If you selected "no stamps", just write "no stamps".

6. Write specifications. For example, where the text should be on the bracelet, if you want small or large letters and your vision for the bracelet. If you want, you can also send a sketch to It is important that you then write your order number so that we can link the sketch to the order.

A nice gift box is included with purchase.

Article number: 9038


Expected delivery time

This product has an expected delivery time of FAST.

Fast - Fast delivery time means it can take up to 7 days before we ship your order.

Longer - Longer delivery time means that it can take up to 20 days before we ship your order.

How do you take care of me?

I am made of sterling silver and can therefore withstand water, sweat and basically everything else. If I get a little dirty or dark, just use a cleaning cloth and I'll be nice again.

Return possibilities

If you stamp something on the bracelet, it becomes custom-made and cannot be returned.

More information regarding returns and complaints can be found here: Returns & complaints

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